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First off, I’m going to start by saying the photo above isn’t mine. I had to get one off of Google (the photo is linked to the page I got it from, a lovely blog called alipyper) because all the ones I took on my phone came out horribly when I went back and looked at them. They were all horribly blurry, I was gutted. 

Anyway whilst I was in London I badgered my friend in to coming with me to a lovely little Yarn shop that I’d read up on in Islington called Loop. We had to take two buses (with a brief stop off in Camden to fill our bellies with chicken and noodles!) and use Citymapper to find it, and even then we walked straight past it without noticing because we were too busy thinking about what to fill our bellies with next and not paying any attention to where we were going. But once we turned around and actually used our eyes we found it no problem! It was at this point where my friend realised just how much knitting has taken over my life since she moved halfway across the country. Maybe it’s what filling the best friend shaped hole I was left with when she left.. 

The outside of the shop was adorable (as you can see!) and I couldn’t wait to get inside. It was a bit of a struggle getting through the door with all our bags because the door was absolutely tiny, but after sucking my gut in and nearly tripping over my own feet I got my first look around. One wall was stocked full of different yarns of different weights, colours, plys.. anything you can think of with varying price tags. The opposite wall had a cabinet with different needles, crochet hooks, vintage buttons and some things that I couldn’t even name. I was in love with practically everything in the shop already, even all the things that I’d never seen before. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better I noticed a sign saying “more upstairs” and nearly broke my leg racing up to explore. Upstairs was more shelves of yarn (these ones were chunkier than the yarn downstairs, heaven!), a table full of folders with pages from about a million knitting magazines and a full book shelf of books on knitting for beginners, crocheting, patterns, knitting to fit different body shapes… and those were just the ones I looked at! And to top it off, there was a sofa with one of the members of staff knitting a beautiful shawl. Can you imagine? Getting paid to sit in the most adorable knitting shop, surrounded by patterns for everything imaginable and an endless supply of yarn. I’m pretty sure that’s the dream. The staff were all very helpful (although the cashier did seem to get a bit frustrated with another customer, but I’m putting it down to them having problems with the card machine) and even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anything, that I was just going to have a look around, I ended up buying three new books which I’ve poured over since getting on the bus back home. 

All in all, it was definitely a high light of my trip down South, and they’ve lured me in with a loyalty card that gets me 10% off after I’ve filled been enough times. I’m a sucker for stuff like that.


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